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Visa and Entry Information

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Visa-free entry

Nationals of eligible countries do not require any prior visa arrangements and can obtain a visa waiver upon arrival to Qatar, by presenting a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and a confirmed onward or return ticket.


Electronic Travel Authorization
Individuals who are not eligible for visa-free entry, but hold a valid residence permit or visit visa to either Schengen countries, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, or New Zealand, can obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) free of charge by completing an online application before traveling.

The form is easy to fill in. You will be asked to provide:

  1. Proof of accommodation in Qatar (e.g. hotel booking, or your host’s address)

  2. Details of your return (or onward) travel

  3. A copy of your passport (with a minimum validity of six months)

  4. A copy of your residence permit or visa to any one of the eligible countries stated above (with a minimum validity of 30 days).


Online Tourist Visa
Individuals not eligible for visa-free entry or ETA can apply for a Tourist Visa online through the Qatar Visa Service. The cost of the Qatar Tourist Visa is QAR 100. Tourist Visa holders are allowed to stay in Qatar for up to 30 days on a single trip.


To submit a request for a Qatar Tourist Visa, visitors are required to:

  1. Complete an online form

  2. Upload required documents (including passport scans & personal photographs)

  3. Provide an airline booking reservation

  4. Make an online payment using a valid Visa or Mastercard

Qatar Transit Visa
Qatar Airways passengers transiting in Qatar for a minimum of 5 hours are eligible to apply for the Qatar Transit Visa. It is free of charge, valid for up to 96 hours (4 days), and open to passengers of all nationalities.


GCC Resident Visit Visa
This single-entry visa, which can be obtained for a fee of QAR 100, payable by Visa or Mastercard, is valid for 30 days and may be renewed for an additional three months. Visitors wishing to avail of this visa scheme may be asked to present official documentation stating their profession upon entry to Qatar.


Visa Exemptions
Nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates) do not require a visa to enter Qatar.

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Travel Restrictions

Due to the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be held in Qatar, some visa & travel restrictions could be reduced or waived off to allow easier access to football fans attending the tournament. 

Due to COVID-19, Qatar and other countries have implemented policies such as PCR medical tests, passenger locator forms, and other measures to ensure safe travel and limit the spread of the virus. It is recommended that you check visa and travel requirements before booking your flight depending on the country of origin and final destination. 

Passengers arriving in Qatar should be fully vaccinated. The list of approved vaccines includes Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Sinopharm. Travelers who have taken one of these approved vaccines must present the official vaccination certificate, which includes the following information: 

  1. The name of the passenger and it should match the passport information. 

  2. Dose dates according to the vaccine type (one dose for Janssen and two doses for other vaccines). 

  3. Type or name of the vaccine.

  4. Lot number of the vaccine (if any).

  5. Official logo or seal of the vaccination authority. 

All information may be subject to change without prior notice as per country regulations.


If you're planning a low-budget trip to the country, you should buy a ticket on a layover if you're only going to see one game. Passengers who purchase tickets on a layover can get a discount on hotel rooms from Qatar Airways. You can even buy your plane ticket with points or rewards rather than paying full price.


Traveling on a budget can be difficult, especially if you want to spend a few days in one of the Middle East's wealthiest countries. To save money, stay in a hotel near the Souks in the city center. If preferred, people can rent an apartment from our website and share the accommodation with others if you are traveling in a group. Regardless of where you choose to stay, all stadiums are no more than an hour away by public transportation.


There are numerous transportation options, including buses, trams, and trains with prices ranging from QR3 to QR10 for a one-way ticket and QR100 to QR200 for monthly tickets. Options also include a brand-new metro line that connects the city to the stadiums. Private transportation, such as taxis, are available but somewhat expensive, as they charge for the starting tariff, per kilometer, and waiting time.

You can also rent a car for a few days for around $78 USD per day on average.


Booking through our travel agency is more convenient, as we prepare tourist packages that include plane tickets, hotels, tours, and transportation to and from stadiums.

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Travel Documents

After you’ve purchased your game tickets, you’ll need to make sure you have all the necessary travel documents. A passport is required, but visa requirements may differ depending on the country of origin.

Nationals of 80 approved countries can enter Qatar without a visa.


If your nationality is not eligible for visa-free entry, you can apply online through Qatar's electronic travel authorization system (ETA).


If neither of these options are available, you should apply for a tourist visa.


If you are only booking a stopover flight, it is recommended that you apply for a transit visa; this only applies to passengers flying with Qatar Airways. A transit visa is valid for four days (96 hours).


There are several official methods for purchasing game tickets:


  1. Tickets are available for purchase on our website, When booking through our website, tickets can be purchased separately or as part of a package that includes flights, hotels, and transportation.  

  2. The FIFA website is another place to make a purchase; there are several stages to the purchase: 

    • Before the teams are even known, Phase 1 is a random lottery.

    • Following the draw,

    • Phase 2 is a first-come, first-served situation.

    • Phase 3 consists of a random lottery.

    • Phase 4 is usually the final phase, and it is first-come, first-served.

  3. The biggest advantage of purchasing a ticket through our platform or FIFA is that you are guaranteed admission. However, no information or dates have been released for 2022.

  4. Travel Affiliates: FIFA provides game tickets to 'official' travel vendors. Be cautious, as these packages typically charge a premium for convenience.


Ticket prices vary depending on when you buy them, so make sure to buy them ahead of time.

The ticket prices are divided into three categories, with prices ranging from 100 USD to over 1,000 USD. 

To enter the stadium, you will need a FIFA Fan ID - a personal spectator card and a fan identification system. 

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Hotel Room with Pillows


A step-by-step guide to booking a trip to Qatar:

  1. Check the availability of hotels for your desired flight date on our booking page.

  2. Choose your room from the list based on your budget and requirements.

  3. Make your hotel reservation. Ensure you received a confirmation number.

  4. Book your flight from your starting point to Qatar.

  5. Entering Qatar: If you do not have copies of your Entry Permit and flight documents when you check-in for your flight to Qatar, you may be denied boarding.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, you must ensure that your country is on the list of allowed countries to enter Qatar; if it is not, some additional rules, such as selecting a quarantined hotel and a transfer from the airport to the hotel, will be added to the above.