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Can I make a booking on without registration?

No, you should be a registered user in order to confirm your booking. However, you can continue exploring our website as a guest without registration, and if you wish to register with us, you are most welcome; although you shall get auto-registered once you add your email address during the booking process.



What do I do if I can't log in to my account or have forgotten my username or password?

Your password is case-sensitive, please make sure that you correctly use uppercase and lowercase characters when entering your password. You can reset your password whenever you like by clicking Reset Password



How can I update my profile?

If you wish to update your profile, you can contact us by email with the updated information. Kindly note that any old information will not be used for future bookings.



When will I receive a confirmation email?

You should receive the confirmation email along with the booking voucher (PDF file) within 30 minutes of completing the booking. If you did not receive the confirmation within 30 minutes, please check your junk mail and/or spam filters. If you still have not received the confirmation email, please contact us and we will resend it again.



What should I do if I did not receive a confirmation email?

Please check if the email was filtered out to your Junk and/or Spam mail folder. Most email accounts offer an unwanted mail filter service to protect you from junk mail, and it is possible that your confirmation email has been mistakenly filtered by this service. If the email is in the Junk/Spam mail folder, make sure you mark it as "not spam", so that future emails from us will get through. If you still have not received the confirmation email, please contact us and we will resend it again. 


What is the booking voucher?

The booking voucher is a verification that you have a confirmed booking with It is a PDF attachment sent to you along with the confirmation email. It’s recommended to keep it with you while travelling as some suppliers (hotels, airlines, tour operators, etc.) may ask you to present it.



What should I do if I made a mistake while making my booking or after confirmation?

Once you recognize you have made a mistake, please contact us immediately at +962795902000 or



Are the prices shown on the website inclusive of taxes?

All our prices on the website are tax-inclusive except for city or tourist tax in some countries. For more information, kindly check your destination for any taxes you need to be aware of.



Why do prices on the website seem to vary from day to day?

Prices are only accurate at the time of the search. This is because prices are calculated based on the rates we receive from our respective suppliers at the time of search to bring you the most competitive available deal we can at that moment.



How can I view the prices in the currency of my choice?

You can simply choose the currency you want by picking it out from the drop-down box at the top (left) of the homepage. The page will automatically update to reflect the chosen currency.


How do I make a complaint?

We try our best to provide excellent service to our customers, if we have fallen short, we are keen to hear about it. Please send us your comments so we can understand how to put things right for you and enhance our service in the future. Please contact us at and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.


Do I need to take my travel insurance documents with me when I travel?

In most countries there is no legal requirement for you to keep your travel insurance policy document with you while travelling. However, we advise you to check the requirements of each country you intend to visit as some countries may require evidence of insurance. For your easy reference you may want to carry a copy of your travel insurance policy.