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Ever since it was announced that the FIFA 2022 World Cup will be hosted by an Arab nation for the first time, we were ecstatic to embark on this journey. The upcoming opportunities will undeniably flourish the region with hope and excitement.  


During the World Cup, people will flock from every corner of the globe to Qatar. Whilst the main reason for their travel might be to attend football games, they will undoubtedly want to explore the country and its deep heritage. We are here to show them the endless possibilities of what they can do in Qatar as well as its neighboring countries.


We knew that we had to put all 35 years of our experience to good use, and as experts in the travel and tourism industry, it was our duty to contribute to Qatar’s success. We saw it as an exciting opportunity for us to show the beauty of our region to the world. 


From the Rose City of Petra to the majestic Egyptian Pyramids to the magnificent Burj Khalifa, our vision is to ensure football fans coming from all over the globe witness the glory and essence of the Arab world.


Whilst showing the world what our region beholds, we were also in search of a solution for all the sports fanatics out there that know how hectic it can be to plan the ideal trip to watch your favorite sports team play. It was at that moment the idea of creating an online portal that combines travel and sports had sparked in our heads. That was when Mundial Qatar was born.

Soccer Match Victory
Soccer Match Victory

Mundial Qatar is the elixir that combines travel, tourism, and the love for the game of football all in one magical place. It is a true one-stop-shop for all your travel needs that boasts the perfect recipe for a hassle-free experience.


Through our unique portal, you will discover endless options that best suit your travel needs. We facilitate your stay by offering plenty of services and features which enable you to book flights, accommodation, transfers, tours, excursions, car rentals, readymade packages, match tickets, and most importantly the star of our platform, “Design your package”; which allows you to dynamically customize your travel package as a whole.


Through our passion, dedication, and experience, we proudly believe that our portal has become the missing piece to any successful worldwide sports event!